Old version
Old catalogue design

The previous versions of the product catalogue consisted of listings and some product shots. There was an opportunity to divide into sections using colour coding, add in pack shots with product descriptors and ways of ordering, QR codes would later be introduced bringing the user to a sales aid, ideally a landing page to gather user data could be introduced to the corporate website.

Redesigned version

The corporate catalogue was updated making it more user friendly. There were limited assets available including photography so creativity was required to make the catalogue as appealing and professional as possible. The colour coded tabs and new featured products sections assisted with a significantly improved navigation system. An opportunity to highlight products in a more consumer ready style by featuring them with full details in an ad format was well received. 

The new look corporate catalogue was rolled out to other markets also.

A complete redesign was required for the company's retail catalogues. This new fresher and more colourful catalogue was then used as the template for other the comapny's retail catalogues for other markets.

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